What We Believe

The Triune God

We believe the Church prays to the Father, through the mediating ministry of the Son, in the empowering enablement of God the Spirit.

Jesus Christ

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who became flesh and blood and lived a real human life.

The Holy Spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit is God's presence in the world today.  The Holy Spirit empowers believers to live out the will of God daily.

The Holy Scriptures

We believe the very life-giving breath of God is at work in the Bible.  We believe they were given by divine inspiration, inerrantly revealing the will of God concerning us in all things necessary to our salvation.

Sin, Original and Personal

We believe that sin came into the world through the disobedience of our first parents and death by sin.  We believe that sin is of two kinds, original sin and actual or personal sin.  Original sin is our natural tendency toward sin.  Personal sin is a voluntary violation of a known law of God by a morally responsible person.

Prevenient Grace

We believe long before we are aware of God's activity in our lives, Christ through the Spirit works to lead all persons to conversion and creates the conditions for conversion to occur.


We believe human beings are called to turn around; reorient their hearts and lives, and live in a radically new way in the light of the kingdom Jesus introduced into the world.  God's always-coming kingdom demands change!


We believe that there is only one standard for the Christian Life, Holiness.  This standard is attained as a person lives completely controlled by and directed by the Holy Spirit.  This comes to full fruition as a person makes a complete consecration of self to the will and purpose of God in every area of their life.  Holiness includes the impulse to grow in grace. 

The Church

We believe the Church enables God to have an address, a door, an altar, and hands and feet.


We believe baptism is the outward sign of what God has done inwardly in the heart of a believer.

The Lord's Supper

We believe at the Communion table we are in Christ's presence, very much like the 12 disciples

Divine Healing

We believe in the Bible doctrine of divine healing and urge our people to seek to offer the prayer of faith for the healing of the sick.  We also believe God heals through the means of medical science.

Second Coming of Christ

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will come again; that we who are alive at His coming shall not precede them that are asleep in Christ Jesus but that, if we are abiding in him, we shall be caught up with the risen saints to meet the Lord in the air, so that we shall ever be with the Lord.